Boufé PH a new shopping experience

Boufé PH a new shopping experience
Boufe & Papi's
Are you looking for your perfect summer outfit #OOTD? and also thinking what to eat after shopping? Well I know a place around Bulacan Area that can help you with your problem. Recently I went to Boufé PH, it is a Concept Store & Shopping District that has a cafe inside. Store is located at 003 Teniente Tanjeco Street, San Vicente, Malolos, Bulacan it is near the church.

Boufé PH a new shopping experience
Boufé PH location

I personally went over to taste their matcha drink because I LOVE Matcha! To give you a overall review about this store here is it. Boufé is a combination of many online stores that is famous on Instagram. They have lots of items that I'm sure every buyer will love to browse all of it. They are not only for girls because I saw many shirts and pants also accessories for boys! As I said at the start, they included a mini cafe inside the shopping hall, the cafe is called Papi's Cafe. 

The place have this cozy modern feeling, the store is located at the second floor but you can see it when you are at the street. We experienced some difficulties to find our way up the store because there is no sign where to go but luckily my cousin discover the stairs. So we went up the stairs there was a guard greeting you a welcome also the staffs our all smiling. We decided to sit down on one of the empty chairs and tables. Then we saw the menu which we browse at first.

Boufé PH a new shopping experience
Papi's Menu

I decided to order a churros and their matcha drink my cousin goes with Chocolate drink.

Milkshake Matcha & Nutella
Churros with matcha & chocolate dip

Our experience at the Boufé is good, the churros doe not have that wow factor but I enjoyed it. The Matcha drink is good as well as the chocolate drink. Oh and I forgot, they are not prepared for their donut thingy drink so I went to just an ordinary drink. But their boutique was a bomb, there were lots of items you can choose from I think it is perfect for every season to buy from their and all of the latest clothing trends can be found over the racks. Make ups and accessories are all available at the store.
Photo grabbed from their FB page , full of customers

Rating from 1 to 10 , 10 to be highest I rate it for about 7, because we had hard time to find the stairs going up and their best selling is out of stock. But Staffs are all great and always smiling.Store is open from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm.

Follow their social media accounts and get updates to their store:
Facebook : Boufé Cafe & Boufé PH

Instagram : BouféPH

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