Massive Munchies a modern Filipino pie flavors with an Italian-Mexian twist

Flagship store of Massive Munchies here in Manila

Massive Munchies is owned by two individuals from Dumaguete City. They innovate an affordable yet tasty product the Massive Munchies a serving of beautiful hot pocket pied full of meat infussed with both traditional and modern Filipino flavors with an Italian-Mexian twist! At a reasonable price!

Lets me tell you a little history, Dumaguete, known for its universities and laid back lifestyle, provided the perfect venue for the two founders to envision and create a such a successful product.

Massive Munchies has been in opertaion since 2014, with just one store initially branching out into 3 in just 2 years. Its massive success can be attributed to its taste and value for the price that has immediately captured the people of Dumagette.

Now, Massive Munchies wants to make its mark in the heart of Manila, so they decided to set up a base and open up one store with plans to set-up 500 stores in the next 5 years.

Know the Owners

Massive Munchies is the by-product of twoo good friends , both of which have an unparalleled level of skills unique to each other.

We have Mr. Tad Angara, 26 y/o he runs the in-depth business side of Massive Munchies and all its financial transactions while Mr. Dexter Bautista, 27 y/o - a registered nurse who opted to gear away from his profession to pursue his passion and is the brains behind MM's food

What are the current offerings of Massive Munchies?

They offer 4 amazing flavors namely Cheesy Pepperoni, Tuna Lasagna, Beef & Mushroom, Cheesy Taco. Each of the flavors are quite unique and are very much packed full of flavors. Each hot pocket meat pie cost around Php 39 for the regular one and 59 pesos for the King size.

You can also bring it home with a box for your family with 5/10 pcs per box in the same price.

 Know the flavors well


CHEESY Pepperoni - a pocket pie marked the beginning of Massive Munchies, as it's signature flavor it truly is a crowd favorite! It's when Italian cuisine meets, Filipino's ingenuity! One of their best seller and definitely a must try!

CHEESY Taco - a whole lotta cheesy goodness. A definite perfect fit for every cheese lover out there! With this much cheese on it, you would totally crave for more!

Beefy Mushroom - Simply Beef stronganoff in a pie - Tender slices of beef sauteed in rich mushroom sauce makes this pocket meal for meat lovers!

Tuna Lasagna special pie for health conscious peers! This pocket meat pie is definitely a healtier option! For those who love lasagna but are into lesser calories? Try this taste like lasagna, but is made from tuna.

There plan is to continue ensuring the quality of each MASSIVE MUNCHIES Pocket Pies that are handcraft with only the best ingredients. Each hot pocket meat pie is prepared and cooked with the utmost of care and love. Massive munchies also is continuing to grow their menu as they are dynamic and conventional in their food offerings in line with their mission to bring about only the best flavors to satisfy all taste preference of their customers, whether be traditional, modern, young and old. They will bring more food products in the future like Hotdog sandwiches, Fusion snacks, Drinks, Other flavors of pocket pies and desserts! Wow that is something to watch for!

Thank you Massive Munchies!

For more update about Massive Munchies Like and visit their page at MassiveMuchiesPH

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