Ajinomoto Philippines Corporation organized a press conference to announce the launch of its newest product, Sarsaya Oyster Sauce, and celebrity endorser, Mr. Coco Martin. Sarsaya Oyster Sauce is concentrated from real delicious blend of savory, sweet and salty taste to any dish.

According to Pen Alvina, Ajinomoto's Category Manager for Menu Seasonings, "Sarsaya Oyster Sauce is a unique brand of oyster sauce that is created to suit Filipino taste and preference, making many Filipino dishes like ginisang kangkong and adobo more flavorful and delicious."


During the event , a live cooking demonstration and cook-off was facilitated by Chef Mcrhyan Rodrigo. Chef Mac cooked Filipino favorites Ginasarsayang Kangkong with Tokwa and his own recipe, Thai Style Stir Friend Chicken using Sarsaya Oyter Sauce. Guest were also invited to participate in a cook-off, where they discovered the convenience of using Sarsaya Oyster Sauce to turn ordinary dishes extra special and flavorful.


No less than the Primetime King, Mr. Coco Martin, was chosen to endorse Sarsaya Oyster Sauce. Aside from being a big fan of his gradmother's cooking, Coco graduated with a degree in Hotel and Restuarant Management. Coco claimed , "Kakaiba dahil lasang oyster na oyster!" He loved how Sarsaya Oyster Sauce can add that delicious and authentic oyster flavor that truly enhances simple dishes.

Sarsaya Oyster Sauce is available in 30g pack and 156g stand-up re-sealable pouch. Also try Sarsaya Sweet and Sour Sauce, available in 200g stand-up pouch, for a delicious blend of pineapple and tomato flavor.


Thank you Shopee for all of these

Shopee, the fastest growing mobile shopping app in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, reaches the number 2 spot in the Shopping Category for both App Store and Google Play in the Philippines only after a year. Being the first mobile shopping platform in the Philippines to offer both buyers and sellers Free Shipping and Cash on Delivery (COD) nationwide has been a major contributing factor to its meteoric rise since its launch last December 2015.

Shopee's rating have also been consistently high, reaching 5-star reviews on the App Store and 4.3 star ratings on Google Play, which shows that Filipino users have been continuously satisfied with the services and features offered by Shopee.

March Promos for Shopee's High Growth Mobile & Gadgets Category

Shoppee now turns its focus expand its fastest growing category, Mobiles & Gadgets, as both graduation season and summer near. It announced plans to offer an even wider phones, smartwatches, Virtual Reality boxes, power banks, and USB cables.

"We've seen enormous demand for our mobiles and gadgets selections over the past few months, and have been working closely with our sellers to make sure we offer great value for wide selection of products our buyers want, especially as they search for gift for new graduates or the latest tect to bring to their summer travels, " shares Macy Castillo, Shopee's Head of Commercial Business.

A representative from Bavin talks about their products
A representative from Mexpesion talks about their products

Several brands and shops such as MemoXpress, Torque, IntoGadgets, X-mini, Bavin and Mykronoz look forward to some of the lowest price for mobile phones and gadgets. throughout the month, Shopee will be featuring campaigns such as Mobile Mania, which offers the latest and most affordable phones, and Shopee Exclusives , featuring deal on gadgets and accessories only found on Shopee, among others. Users can expect exclusive discounts of up to 85% off, product launches, and gifts and promo bundles, along with more games and surprises for the Shopee Community via the app and its social media channels from March 1 to 17.

"Our main commitment has always been to provide the best experience to our buyers and sellers," Castillo adds. "Having familiar brands on board and offering unbeatable deals mean we always have a wide variety of affordable tech products to make shopping on Shopee fast and easy.


I went to the event with my office mate / blogger buddy Thewata, it was a nice event but a long ride for us from Quezon City, but it is really fun knowing that just on a simple download from the shop's app, you can get lots of discounts using Shopee. Another point is food in Makati Shangrila was great, especially their vegetable meal

Flagship store of Massive Munchies here in Manila

Massive Munchies is owned by two individuals from Dumaguete City. They innovate an affordable yet tasty product the Massive Munchies a serving of beautiful hot pocket pied full of meat infussed with both traditional and modern Filipino flavors with an Italian-Mexian twist! At a reasonable price!

Lets me tell you a little history, Dumaguete, known for its universities and laid back lifestyle, provided the perfect venue for the two founders to envision and create a such a successful product.

Massive Munchies has been in opertaion since 2014, with just one store initially branching out into 3 in just 2 years. Its massive success can be attributed to its taste and value for the price that has immediately captured the people of Dumagette.

Now, Massive Munchies wants to make its mark in the heart of Manila, so they decided to set up a base and open up one store with plans to set-up 500 stores in the next 5 years.

Know the Owners

Massive Munchies is the by-product of twoo good friends , both of which have an unparalleled level of skills unique to each other.

We have Mr. Tad Angara, 26 y/o he runs the in-depth business side of Massive Munchies and all its financial transactions while Mr. Dexter Bautista, 27 y/o - a registered nurse who opted to gear away from his profession to pursue his passion and is the brains behind MM's food

What are the current offerings of Massive Munchies?

They offer 4 amazing flavors namely Cheesy Pepperoni, Tuna Lasagna, Beef & Mushroom, Cheesy Taco. Each of the flavors are quite unique and are very much packed full of flavors. Each hot pocket meat pie cost around Php 39 for the regular one and 59 pesos for the King size.

You can also bring it home with a box for your family with 5/10 pcs per box in the same price.

 Know the flavors well


CHEESY Pepperoni - a pocket pie marked the beginning of Massive Munchies, as it's signature flavor it truly is a crowd favorite! It's when Italian cuisine meets, Filipino's ingenuity! One of their best seller and definitely a must try!

CHEESY Taco - a whole lotta cheesy goodness. A definite perfect fit for every cheese lover out there! With this much cheese on it, you would totally crave for more!

Beefy Mushroom - Simply Beef stronganoff in a pie - Tender slices of beef sauteed in rich mushroom sauce makes this pocket meal for meat lovers!

Tuna Lasagna special pie for health conscious peers! This pocket meat pie is definitely a healtier option! For those who love lasagna but are into lesser calories? Try this taste like lasagna, but is made from tuna.

There plan is to continue ensuring the quality of each MASSIVE MUNCHIES Pocket Pies that are handcraft with only the best ingredients. Each hot pocket meat pie is prepared and cooked with the utmost of care and love. Massive munchies also is continuing to grow their menu as they are dynamic and conventional in their food offerings in line with their mission to bring about only the best flavors to satisfy all taste preference of their customers, whether be traditional, modern, young and old. They will bring more food products in the future like Hotdog sandwiches, Fusion snacks, Drinks, Other flavors of pocket pies and desserts! Wow that is something to watch for!

Thank you Massive Munchies!

For more update about Massive Munchies Like and visit their page at MassiveMuchiesPH

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In this day and age where people claim a lot of things that are not true, one of the hardest to fake is that of being a doctor. After all, becoming a doctor takes a lot of years, time, and patience as well as perseverance. This is perhaps why doctors put a lot of pride in themselves because after all, what they do is no easy feat. Saving the lives of people is something that not everyone is able to do and yet they do in their daily lives. One can even say that it comes naturally to them, as natural as it is for everyone else to breathe. 

This is what Dr. Paolo Bellosillo has been doing for the better part of his life. He has completely devoted every second he lives in making the lives of the people around him better and hopefully, longer by teaching them about integrative medicine and holistic approach to living. He believes that a healthy lifestyle is the way to go as well as an annual check up of your heart for the heart is the center of your entire being. 

Doc Pao, due to his continuous study and constant research on his field has become one of the authority on nature therapy, anti aging and integrative as well as holistic medicine. What sets him apart from other doctors is his genuine heart that years to ensure that everyone knows why holistic medicine is the way to go because it is all about being natural and maximizing your body’s fullest potential. He wants people to take care of their health and body so that their body can serve them better and help them live their life to it’s fullest potential. 

Doc Paolo Bellosillo believes that everyone deserves to live a healthy life. One of his wishes is to have a world where everyone has access to integrative medicine and knows how to apply it to their daily lives. He hopes that time will come that people will aim for a lifestyle where greens and vegetables are the main part of their diet and living a healthy lifestyle is the norm and not a fad only.
Doc Pao has helped so many stroke patients in the past to lengthen their life by applying his knowledge and studies. He teaches them how to change their diet, sleeping habits, exercise, and most of all, mindset to explore their full growth and potential as persons. This is what Doc Pao wants to leave as a legacy to the world and we think that’s a beautiful thing.
Bakers Maison, Gardenia’s artisanal specialty bakery café, introduces more exciting and delectable ways to enjoy its wide array of artisan breads.

In the recently held bloggers gathering at the Bakers Maison Glorietta 4 Branch, members of the Bloggers Association of the Philippines have witnessed various recipes using Bakers Maison Whole Wheat Baguette, Ciabatta Classico, Sourdough de Maison, Classic Bagel, Chocolate Chip Bagel, and Raisin Cinnamon Bagel. All recipes were personally demonstrated by Chef Edwin Tan, a Malaysian pastry chef with around three decades of baking expertise.

‘Artisan Discoveries’

Through the technology and bread making expertise of Gardenia Bakeries Philippines and its collaboration with various industry experts, Bakers Maison Philippines delivers exceptional consumer value through its delectable breads and pastries inspired not just by traditional and authentic French recipes, but a fusion of flavours from all over the world.

During the bloggers event, Chef Edwin shares appetizing creations you can do with your favorite artisan breads.

Whole Wheat Baguette (originated in France) is a hearty, whole wheat version of our Baguette Parisienne, a French bread with a crisp crust and a chewy interior that comes in a light flavor that is uniquely Bakers Maison.
Ciabatta Classico (originated in Italy) is Bakers Maison’s rendition of the popular Italian bread with a crusty crumb and distinctive chew.
Sourdough de Maison (originated in Egypt) is a rugged and rustic bread with an upfront taste of rye.
Classic Bagel (originated in Poland) is a classic, soft, chewy bagel with a slightly crisp crust.
Chocolate Chip Bagel (originated in Poland) is our version of freshly baked bagel made with milk-flavoured chocolate chips to flavor the dough.
Raisin Cinnamon Bagel (originated in Poland) is another freshly baked bagel made with raisins and cinnamon to flavor the dough.

Quality and Freshness Guarantee

Bakers Maison is committed to quality and consistency and uses only the finest ingredients and original recipes to create the authentic French taste. All breads are partially baked in a clean and controlled environment and delivered frozen to the store, where final oven baking is done. This process, otherwise known as the “par-baked” method, guarantees consistent quality and freshness, made possible through central commissary production.

Store expansion

Bakers Maison rolls out business expansion through rapid store expansion to cater to more artisan bread lovers out there. Currently, Bakers Maison has stores located in LIIP Mamplasan Binan, Laguna, SM North EDSA, Landmark Trinoma, Waltermart Makati, Glorietta 4 and South Park District Alabang.

Gardenia’s artisanal bakery café formally open its franchise business this year and is currently looking for franchisees to further expand reach and open more stores.

Like Bakers Maison on Facebook at for more information.

Manila, Philippines—To any moms, or possibly to anyone in general—whether a yuppie taking responsibilities in her new apartment, a dad in charge of the house for the day, or the teenager designated to do the chores over the weekend—laundry day remains to be the day most people would rather skip. With piles and piles of clothes waiting to be washed, it can truly be overwhelming.

While laundry day is indeed not everybody’s favorite, there is no denying that it is an important chore in the household. But with a variation of fabrics that require different washing treatments—from cotton, to wool, to those thick and heavy denim pants—doing the laundry is no easy job. It takes a certain knack and a certain amount of patience for someone to perfect the art of clothes washing and drying.

A great performance though is not complete without the right assistant. Because facing mountains of laundry is not something you, or anyone else, should face alone.

Sharp’s Fully Automatic Washing Machine is revolutionary with a stainless steel holeless tub that prevents mold build up and helps preserve the quality of your clothes. Without any holes for fabric threads or exterior black molds to go through, the Fully Automatic Washing Machine ensures that your clothes will only get to experience thorough washing without the tough treatment and the bad elements.

Also with an Anti-Bacterial Pulsator and Auto Tub Clean, the Sharp Fully Automatic Washing Machine offers a hygienic and sanitary washing. The tub is also eco-friendly and saves up to 30% on water compared to traditional tubs with holes. And with its megamouth opening, you can easily load your laundry items including those thick, heavy blankets and towels.

The built-in Fabric Softener Dispenser also allows you to properly and safely pour liquid detergents or softeners without harming or damaging the fabric of your clothes and ensures that the detergent will be evenly distributed to all items during the wash.

Anyone’s laundry day will never be the same again with Sharp’s Fully Automatic Washing Machine. It provides an enhanced washing experience without wasting precious time and energy. With its innovations and different features, washing clothes is now easy, safe, and convenient.

The Sharp Fully Automatic Washing Machine provides complete care for your clothes so you can spend more time with the family or your favorite hobby. Let this smart washing machine do all the hard work for you as you allow yourself to have that much-needed break and relaxation.

Visit, Sharp Philippines on Facebook, or on Instagram to know more about the Sharp Fully Automatic Washing Machine. You can also go to an authorized Sharp dealer near you to see more of Sharp’s washing machine offerings.