How to get Marriage Certificate Online in the Philippines

How to request a Marriage Certificate in Philippines
how to get marriage certificate in philippines

Recently I browse my entire government documents and arrange them for my future use, separating the photo copy to the original copies. Suddenly I found out that I don’t have any Original copies of my Marriage Certificate. So I will share to you guys the steps on getting Marriage Certificate here in the Philippines.

Here in the Philippines getting government documents makes you crazy because the first thing that will come in to your mind maybe lines will be too long even you come early. Traffic will also make you crazier. I Google Online Marriage Certificate Request in Philippines, this site appear

Steps on how to order Marriage Certificate Online:
1.      Visit their website
2.      Choose Marriage Certificate button.
how to get marriage certificate in philippines
3.      Answer the question What do you need the marriage certificate for, your choices are Passport/Travel, employment abroad, local employment, school requirements, claims/benefits/loans, US embassy revification, australian embassy, consulate general of spain, nagative intact, Others.

how to get marriage certificate in philippines

4.      Fill up the Marriage Certificate Application form. (Date of Marriage, Name of husband, name of wife)
how to get marriage certificate in philippines
5.      Answer the question Have you had any of the following done to your marriage certificate? (examples are Correction of entry, Supplemental, Annulment, legal seperation, court hearings) if none of this just click none button

how to get marriage certificate in philippines
6.      Next one you will be ask who will receive the certificate upon delivery . Fill up the  whole name and your relation to the person who will be receiving the document.
how to get marriage certificate in philippines
7.      Next screen will be the checkout screen. Here you will see the order summary at the left , and your will be ask to fill up a form to where it will be deliver and how many copies. Screen will also show the total amount to be paid. 
8.      After you fill up all the forms, on the end of the form there will be a Thank you message from, you can also edit your application if you choose to press the browser’s back button. Below the page will be the payment options.
a.      Over the counter : Metrobank and Bayad Center
b.      Online Payment : Visa and Mastercard holder
c.       BancNet ATM
d.      Mobile Payment : Globe gcash
e.      ECPay :Seven Eleven 

how to get marriage certificate in philippines

how to get marriage certificate in philippines
9.      Visit your email address to check the summary of your order, at the email you will also see the reference number so you can follow up it whenever it is not delivered within 2-3 working days

how to get marriage certificate in philippines

May package arrives after two days of payment, I needed to show a Notarization Letter because my order was address to my husband Angelo. After I showed the letter together with my ID kuya delivery man handed me the document. My overall experience with this NSOhelper , it is great 9 out of 10. It is a great way for all who need their NSO Certify documents but doesn't have any time to go at any government offices. They deliver the item within the time span which is 2-3 days and the documents are on good condition. It is a hassle free transaction.

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