Christmas time nearly in the corner , we can feel it while we walk around the mall. Christmas Songs are being played , Christmas Decorations is already up. Here is more to be excited about this season Dairy Queen Philippines had launch there new  flavors  in partnership with M&M's. 

DQ Icecream cake

Christmas comes early with Dairy Queen’s latest holiday offerings that will definitely satisfy your after-party dessert cravings! Your favorite creamy, smooth DQ soft serve gets a splash of Christmas colors with the launch of the Blizzard of the Month: M&M’s Red and Green.
To introduce the new holiday flavors, Dairy Queen held an exclusive event on November 16 at The Oasis - the first and only air-conditioned, open-air floating garden restaurant located in Gateway Mall, Araneta Center. 

Thank you to Dairy Queen & Taco Bell for all of these

Everyone was excited to get first dibs on the cool mouthwatering treats! There’s the Double Fudge M&M’s made with signature DQ soft serve, pieces of M&M’s and swirls of cocoa fudge. Get your fruit fix when you order the Strawberry Banana M&M’s made with creamy soft serve and M&M’s, mixed with strawberry coating. Love pistachio ice cream? Then Pistachio M&M’s is a must-try. It is a combination of smooth soft serve and M&M’s, blended with pistachio coating. 

All three are available in mini (P59), regular (P79), medium (P99), and large (P119) sizes. The M&M’s Blizzard are served upside down (or it’s free!) in Christmas-themed DQ cups starting November 15, 2016 until January 16, 2017 in all participating DQ stores.
Other DQ favorites are also getting a holiday makeover for the whole month of December! The classic Dilly Bar now comes in a shape of a Christmas Tree with red or green drizzle on top, selling for only P39. Spread some Christmas love with the Santa Reindeer Ice Cream Cake, the same well-loved vanilla flavored ice cream cake with Christmas-themed toppers available for only P749 at participating DQ stores.

DQ Icecream cake
Christmas Edition of Dilly Bar

DQ Icecream cake
The 3 New Flavors of Dairy Queen

My favorite flavors out of the three was the Pistachio M&M, that green color with a bit of nutty taste is definitely captured my heart. By the way Dairy Queen Philippines was so generous that they gave us 3 Flavors in Large sizes for FREE , also we got to taste the christmas edition of their Dairy Queen Ice cream which is so yummy. So visit today your favorite Dairy Queen Branch to taste all of the new flavors and judge what is your favorite. 
DQ Icecream cake
A snap picture of Dairy Queen Beauty Queens

Celebrate the season of joy and sharing with Dairy Queen. Have a merry Christmas! #DairyQueen ASC Ref. No. P069P110216D

Have you tried the Newest Flavors? Comment down below what is your favorite flavor and why did you pick that flavor. I Love to read about it.
​Acer Wraps Up 40th Anniversary Celebration With “Smart Cities of a New Si-vilization” Forum
On October 26, Acer and its co-hosts held a forum titled “Smart Cities of a New Si-vilization” in Taipei. As the final event to wrap up the company's 40th anniversary celebration, Acer invited government and industry leaders to discuss and share their thoughts about the future of global technology.


Stan Shih, Acer’s Co-founder and Honorary Chairman took to the stage to deliver a keynote speech where he called on governments and businesses to encourage new thinking, people-centric innovation and integrated cross-industry capabilities with a service-oriented mindset.
Keynote speeches were also presented by industry leaders from Microsoft and TSMC. The keynote speeches were followed by a number of panel discussions and breakout lectures to discuss the many facets of creating smart cities and the New Si-vilization.”
The day-long event also included Acer’s Tech Showcase which gave attendees a look at what an early phase of the New Si-vilization could be by exhibiting a full suite of the company’s latest BYOC products in the segments of smart transportation and smart cities, smart retail and integrated enterprise communications, programming kits, life and wellness solutions, among other applications of new people-centric technologies and solutions.
The forum was hosted jointly by Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs, National Development Council and Acer Inc.
senor polo
Are you just around the Tomas Morato area? Looking for a new taste for a chicken meal? Well definitely Senor Polo is a great place for you.

It was owned by El Chupacabra, they were famous because of their uniquely taste blend of rotisserie chicken. It is located at Scout Rallos. The location is nice; it is within a new building. Upon entering the vicinity you will see their Yellow and Red Logo with a rooster (seems to be a catchy color combination great choice for them).

senor polo

A lot of blogs and reviews are recommending this restaurant, with good food + good service. They don’t have any door that separates the customers passing by and to those who are in line for orders.  You can smell all the spices that are going on from their kitchen (also doesn’t have a door). 
senor polo
People lining up to order
So we enter and line up to order. Here is a snap shot of the logo (a little bit cropped)
A snapshot of the line for the orders. Well upon are arrival there are lots of people who wants to dine in. Another point is that the restaurant is small but 2 floors dine- in tables are located at the second floor.

senor polo
Here is the snapshot of their menu.
There are lots choose from and they centered for an Italian experience for their customers. 

senor polo

We went upstairs to look for a seat well the place is air-conditioned and there are lots of people who are eating there. There is also a mini bar located at the right side upon entering the dining area.Serving time is a little long, but you will enjoy the place while waiting for the food. They served their food on a metal bowls and plates, (which is for me a unique characteristic of this restaurant).  The table is a little small to accommodate each of the bowls.

I tell you to try Señor Polo’s Signature Roast Chicken. It is not just your ordinary chicken, a moist, and tender and there are lots of flavors. They served their chicken with a spicy salsa and white sauce which gives more flavors to it..

senor polo

We also ordered some sides, Patatas Bravas was addicting. I recommend you to try it. Another side dish was the Latin Coleslaw which is for me balanced all the oily foods.

senor polo

My overall experience was Good, My one and only rant about this is you will get that latin soury smell once you’ve done eating, because they don’t have enough airway for the smoke that is coming from the roster. 

senor polo

How to request a Marriage Certificate in Philippines
how to get marriage certificate in philippines

Recently I browse my entire government documents and arrange them for my future use, separating the photo copy to the original copies. Suddenly I found out that I don’t have any Original copies of my Marriage Certificate. So I will share to you guys the steps on getting Marriage Certificate here in the Philippines.

Here in the Philippines getting government documents makes you crazy because the first thing that will come in to your mind maybe lines will be too long even you come early. Traffic will also make you crazier. I Google Online Marriage Certificate Request in Philippines, this site appear

Steps on how to order Marriage Certificate Online:
1.      Visit their website
2.      Choose Marriage Certificate button.
how to get marriage certificate in philippines
3.      Answer the question What do you need the marriage certificate for, your choices are Passport/Travel, employment abroad, local employment, school requirements, claims/benefits/loans, US embassy revification, australian embassy, consulate general of spain, nagative intact, Others.

how to get marriage certificate in philippines

4.      Fill up the Marriage Certificate Application form. (Date of Marriage, Name of husband, name of wife)
how to get marriage certificate in philippines
5.      Answer the question Have you had any of the following done to your marriage certificate? (examples are Correction of entry, Supplemental, Annulment, legal seperation, court hearings) if none of this just click none button

how to get marriage certificate in philippines
6.      Next one you will be ask who will receive the certificate upon delivery . Fill up the  whole name and your relation to the person who will be receiving the document.
how to get marriage certificate in philippines
7.      Next screen will be the checkout screen. Here you will see the order summary at the left , and your will be ask to fill up a form to where it will be deliver and how many copies. Screen will also show the total amount to be paid. 
8.      After you fill up all the forms, on the end of the form there will be a Thank you message from, you can also edit your application if you choose to press the browser’s back button. Below the page will be the payment options.
a.      Over the counter : Metrobank and Bayad Center
b.      Online Payment : Visa and Mastercard holder
c.       BancNet ATM
d.      Mobile Payment : Globe gcash
e.      ECPay :Seven Eleven 

how to get marriage certificate in philippines

how to get marriage certificate in philippines
9.      Visit your email address to check the summary of your order, at the email you will also see the reference number so you can follow up it whenever it is not delivered within 2-3 working days

how to get marriage certificate in philippines

May package arrives after two days of payment, I needed to show a Notarization Letter because my order was address to my husband Angelo. After I showed the letter together with my ID kuya delivery man handed me the document. My overall experience with this NSOhelper , it is great 9 out of 10. It is a great way for all who need their NSO Certify documents but doesn't have any time to go at any government offices. They deliver the item within the time span which is 2-3 days and the documents are on good condition. It is a hassle free transaction.
My skin is not to morena but I love using whitening products for some reason. Today I'll be reviewing a whitening soap. Vitapack 8 in 1 Whitening Soap, but first let me introduced to you the makers/brand Vitapack they make supplements that are a combination of 100% natural plant ingredients, plus essential vitamins and nutrients that help promote health and beauty. Our supplements empower women to LOOK and FEEL their best so they can BE their BEST in their busy lives.

What is their mission?
Our mission is to provide consumers with safe, effective, innovative and affordable natural products for the most common ailments and cosmetic needs. Through our products, we hope to improve and enrich the lives of each and every one of our customers.

What more they offer?
Whitening, slimming and anti-aging supplements made from a combination of 100% natural plant ingredients. As they promised to their site you can see results in 2-3 weeks. And the most important information about them is that they are FDA Approved.

VITAPACK Whitening Soap pioneering 8-in-1 whitening
Vitapack 8 in 1 Whitening Soap Review
Vitapack Soap at the left side | Vitapack Lotion at the right (will have a review soon)
It has 8-in-1 whitening with eight skin care benefits in just one bar here in the Philippines, imagine some soaps are just around 3-4 benefits and makes a big difference to our skin but through this soap which have 8 benefits is just a WOW. They formulate the soap with Clairju (Japan), VB9 Plus (Korea), Acnebusters (Japan), Argan oil (Morocco), Tea Tree Oil , Glutathione (Japan). In all of the benefits I’m only familiar with Argan Oil it moisture & soften the skin, Tea Tree Oil if I’m not mistaken it cures pimples and preventing infections, Glutathione is for whitening.  Other benefits I just google them Clairju – whitening and brightening effects, VB9 Plus – whitening, prevents wrinkles and brightening, Acnebusters – drying pimples and anti-bacterial.
Vitapack 8 in 1 Whitening Soap Review
Vitapack 8-in1 Whitening Soap

It’s been two weeks now but look at the soap “malaki pa din siya”. Unlike other whitening soap na madaling malusaw once na ginamit mo na siya and mabasa. One more thing that I like about this soap is it makes my skin moisturize even I didn’t put any lotion. It seems that moisturizing talaga yung product. In terms of whitening it really whitens the elbow part and knee part which I love about it. In terms of the smell of this soap, I think is not that to fragrant for me unlike on other reviews that i read, may amoy siya which is good but not that too strong na nagstay for the whole hour.

Will I recommend this product? Definitely YES! It is a budget friendly product for only php299 for 90g(that does not easily melt) soap it is a great deal! Another thing it does work with all of the 8 benefits namely Whitening, exfoliating, clarifying, smoothening, antibacterial, anti-aging, moisturising, brightening. I think that this product is a good catch.

Will I continue using it? Yes of course, I’m loving the results of this soap.

For those who are asking where you could find this product here are the Merchants with this product

Lazada – Currently they are having a 10% discount here is the link Vitapack page on Lazada

Vitapack 8 in 1 Whitening Soap Review
Photo Grabbed from Vitapack FB Page
Vitapack 8 in 1 Whitening Soap Review

Watch out for another blog post from Vitapack products