New Year's Resolutions 2016

New Year's Resolutions 2016

Every Year there is always a tradition to have a list of Resolutions. But on my case i didn't follow any of it because I forget them all. Now I am determine to follow as long as I can all on my list for a change. I outline my blog post same as Dianne’s post .  All in all I have 14 on my list and divided it into 3 parts so lets get started

Personal Goals:

1. I will start being fit again, way back 2014 I gain a lot of fats during my pregnancy and I admit that I ate a lot that is why I want to eliminate it this year. I will do an hour of exercise with the help of YouTube videos and with the help of lemon water everyday!

2. I like to be more organize. I should learn how to separate each work from home , on my online business , invitation making business. I admit that i am not that organize in all terms but I will strive to give it a try.

3. Learn how to drive. Now that we own a car I need to learn how to drive it. So I could travel with no hassle and I can take over for my husband when he is too tired. So he can relax at the passenger seat.

4. As part that I have my BDJ planner. I want to do some of the items that is on their checklist. Like to enrol on online courses, Grow an herb garden and etc. you can check it on my other blog post here.

5. Learn to do more natural make up for everyday office work. My face is too dull to look so I want to achieve that simple look with a minimal make up on.

6. Do travel with love ones and friends. I want to reconnect my self with my friends I merely forget and erased some of the numbers of my friends so now I want to get in touch with them like before. Especially my college friends the MAMAWS which is close to my heart.

7. New Clothes. well I know that this seems to be vain but I will try to buy new clothes every month.

Blog Goals:
1. Finish my blog layouts. It's been a year that my blog is on hold pending because of office work but I am determine to finish it by this January.

2. Just like Dianne who owns, (which I layout my New years resolution sections) I also want to gain friends BLOGGER Friends. So that I can share some ideas with them and also to have coffee with them.

3. Try to make more blog post every month. I'm Planning to do a manicure Monday post, Friday Blast, DIYs, Mom advice. So help me to have more ideas and leave a comment below.

4. More Blogger Event for this year. I Hope I can attend more!

Mom Goal:
1. Have more quality time with my family. For my husband and our #littleSamson who is turning so makulit now a days.

2. Lastly I want to save up for my family. There are lots of things that I want to prepare and money is a big points to achieve those goals. As a mother I need to handle my families financial accounts.

3. Finish Photo albums of Harvey’s Baptism and First Birthday

But before I forgot here is the winner on my BDJ Planner Giveaway! Congrats. Do email me or send me a message on my Facebook account to know how you can claim your price! Have a Happy New Year!

New Year's Resolutions 2016


  1. Hi Rayrose! We're very much on the same page! I don't really do this yearly tradition before, not until this year. And it feels so good that I finally did it. I also want to manage an online business on the side, while having my regular job. But I can be very unorganized too, sometimes. I initially put learning how to drive on my list, but eventually deleted it because I still don't own a car, and that would not be feasible for me just yet. haha! Learning how to drive is a skill that everyone should have, well, just my thoughts.
    I'll be more than happy to be one of your blogger friends! <3

    Happy New Year!

    BTW, if I knew you were hosting a giveaway earlier with that BDJ planner as the prize, for sure I joined! haha! Congrats to the winner.

    1. Hello Dianne, Thank you for dropping by my blog. New Year's Resolution for me is so hard to follow I really hope that this year I can do it all. Cross fingers to both of us. We can be also FB friends for easier communication <3

  2. I love BDJ! I skipped this year for the CBTL planner but I've always liked the pages that BDJ has, very detailed. Anyway, I hope you achieve your goals for this year! It's always so rewarding to know you've reached your goals.

  3. I'm rooting for you on your road to fitness. I also hope you get to achieve all your 2016 goals.

  4. I love these sort of posts! I hope you achieve everything that you want to this coming year! x

  5. My personal goal is your #2 -- to be more organized! Aside from my family obligations, my daytime job and my online hobby, I have also taken on some extra work in our organization. I have to say it is getting hard to juggle sometimes. - Fred

  6. since getting fit is your NYR goal, why not do a fitness day for your blog? maybe a wellness wednesday or something. i did that for a few weeks on my blog before. :)

  7. I definitely have to learn to drive the car this year. I must. I really must...
    And yeah it would be nice if I lost a couple pounds too!
    All the best! :)

  8. great resolutions. Learn how to drive is one of my goals this year as well hopefully this time it will come true hehe :)

  9. Great resolutions you have here. I believe you can achieve them. No pain to gain :)

  10. Rochkirstin SantosJanuary 7, 2016 at 1:00 PM

    Nice goals! I think being fit and healthy is very important. This resolution makes you more inspired so you can have new clothes to fit into your wardrobe.

  11. good luck with the resolutions. as for me, i prefer a wishlist because it doesnt really put pressure on me. :D

  12. I dont have any ny resolution. Coz I think its really not necessary. We juat need to be a better person everyday not every year

  13. I love how you categorised your goals! Its so much easier to check back and take a look if you are achieving them. Hope you're 2016 is starting great!


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