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Blogapalooza 2015 Experience

This year I attend my first ever Blogapalooza 2015 Event. Bagapalooza happens every year and it is the biggest business to blogger event in the Philippines. Blogapalooza promised that this year event will be bigger and better. 

Blogapalooza 2015 Dashing Mom

Before going to the event I prepared a lot of calling card about 100 pcs. also I bring along with me a notebook and a pen thinking that I need to right about something. An Email from the admin notes that bloggers should bring calling cards, so that we can give these to the booths for their database and if they will be having raffles.

I didn't pass on all of the booths because they we're all scattered in the venue. Let me enumerate all the booths I went to:

1. Emporia PH -  is the Philippines' latest digital platform that features a variety of online brands, offering convenience and security in cyberspace shopping.

Follow their account : Facebook Emporia PH  
Their application is ready to download for Android Devices here is the link Google Play Store
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2. Chips Delight Philippines Booth - They are giving away some free chips for the bloggers. Another thing is they did have a giveaway promo on the event we bloggers just need to post our photos with the #ShareTheDelight #ChipsDelightPH
Blogapalooza 2015 Dashing Mom

3. Chemworld Fragrance Factory - is a perfume maker company. The scents of their perfume and other products smells good.They have a mini game for those who just like their facebook account @fragrancefactoryph. Sadly I didn't win anything from them but I do enjoy the mini game of throwing table tennis ball to the whole.

Like Chemworld Facebook page : Fragrance Factory PH
Blogapalooza 2015 Dashing Mom
See does mini holes? well I'm not a shooter

4. Snipe - Let the deals find you with Snipe! Snipe is a location-based shopping app that lets you discover deals inside the mall you're in, instantly! For me this is the most challenging booth I went by. Below is my video during the mini game.

Like and Download their Application on App Store and Play Store : Snipe PH


5. Flawless -Flawless is the country’s preferred aesthetic beauty clinic for face, skin, and medical services. On their booth they have this instagram frame wherein you need to take a picture of yourself and post it online to be able to play at the golf game. Again I wasn't able to win but I got a Gift Certificate from them.

Blogapalooza 2015 Dashing Mom
Follow their Social Media accounts :
Facebook : Flawless
 Instagram : Myflawless

6. Regrow - they have a free check up for your hair and scalp. I have a picture below of my scalp. I was informed that my scalp and hair is still health because on each hair growth their should be 3 strands of hair.
Blogapalooza 2015 Dashing Mom
This is my scalp with the help of Regrow

Blogapalooza 2015 Dashing Mom

7. Cebu Pacific - they having a promo of free tickets to Japan, all you need is to take a picture with their booth and hashtag the following below.

Instagram : Cebupacific Air
Blogapalooza 2015 Dashing Mom

8. Fruit Tea - I think Fruit Tea has the biggest booth in the Blogapalooza event. Bloggers can choose a Free Fruit drink or a White Koffie. They can fall in line to get their on the spot caricature by the artistic artist and lastly they have a Photobooth for those who wants to have their photos.

Instagram : Sofruitteaph
Blogapalooza 2015 Dashing Mom
Refreshing Flavors from Fruit Tea

9. Ace Water Spa - according to their site - derived from the Latin Phrase "Salus per Aquam" or "Sanitus per Aquam" meaning Health through Water. Since then, Water has been a vital element in cleansing, relaxing and healing because its curative properties. In England, back in the 16th century, the Romans came up with an idea to undergo "medicinal bathing" to soothe and treat body illnesses by the roman soldiers, thus hydrotherapy was born. 

Blogapalooza 2015 Dashing Mom
with Mr. Snowman

10. SOGO Hotel -  that offers you comfort, cleanliness, privacy, parking and security at affordable room. 

11. Food Panda - The leading mobile and online food ordering marketplace | Order food and take away from over 30.000 restaurants in over 35 countries. I wasn't able to have a pic with their booth but I also enjoy their mini game. 

12. Victoria Court - offers a variety of themed rooms perfect for your party.
13. Aqua Best - provide a quality drinking water. 

My overall experience here in my first Blogapalooza attendance is a mix of excitement and a little of "bitin". "Bitin" in a way that I walk around the hall and gather all the flyers, participated the mini games and talk to the sponsors, but there are some sponsors that talks a little like register here then after you register that's it. No Information about the brand or anything that I can blog about their stuffs. I also heard that previous Blogapalooza is better than this year because all the brands are interactive. I am also confused where to go first hahahaha I was overwhelmed with the lots of the people I saw. Well, for me it is not about the freebies that I got but the information that I collected from all the brands to share with my readers. I Congratulates the Organizer of Blogapalooza for a Successful event this year. Me and my Husband enjoy the event. I will surely join the next year's event to promote my blog and to be able to meet my co-bloggers. Cheers

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  1. Oh, yes! I've been there but I wasn't able to go around to take nice shots because I fall in line and waited for my turn on Sofruitea's caricature. :D

  2. I would like to experience this kind of event even once. Hope could join next time.

  3. Congrats on your first Blogapalooza event ate!

  4. Wow! Thats a great experience for you! Im glad you enjoyed your experience although, as youve mentioned you are "bitin" hehe.

  5. Wow what a great experience.. :)

  6. Oh, wow! Looks like an amazing event! :) I love the Chips Delight freebie since I'm a cookie lover. Lol! Wish I'm also a blogger like you!

  7. I am a newbie blogger and I hope I can join next time around.

  8. best things in life are free(bies)! LOL. Hopefully, you'll get to enjoy more the next year's blogapalooza.

  9. Perks of Being a blogger
    Good Job

  10. Wow this is amazing! I'm a blogger from Iloilo so it's quite rare for me to attend events like this :(( It really looks fun!

  11. wishing your blog will be successful

  12. Seems to be a very nice place. That might be a very rewarding experience to be there