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Sally House of Beauty interior
Recently my hair seems to be boring, I wanted to get that summer looking hair (even it is nearly Christmas season) I just want to be different. So I decided to drop by at Sally's House of Beauty. It is located at 266 M.A. Fernando St. Sta.Cruz , Angat, Bulacan. I know it is on a province but why not give it a try. I heard a lot of good things about this salon.

Last Sunday my Mom and I went to the salon. We avail two different Services, Mom tried their Promo which is the Milk Rebond and I tried there signature Ombre/ Highlight Hair color. To give you a sneak view about their works look at the pictures below. 
Hair transformation
Why not add some colors to your hair?

Hair transformation sample
Lovely curls?

Hair transformation sample
Or a Straight, Silky hair?

Every women has their own dream hair. So am I, I browse a lot of pictures in pinterest to see what I want to do in my hair. I already went to a curl hair which didn't work for me because when my hair is already dry it is straight already. I went to different colors, blue black, brown, ash blonde. But today I want to achieve that summer looking hair, and ombre is the best hair i would choose. 

Sally's House of Beauty is very cozy, the seats are very comfortable. The hair dresser named Chris is very accommodating, because I can't decided what color combination for my hair he help me to choose. It is a mix of ash blonde with dark brown color.
coffee for the waiting time

So the process is first He colored my hair with dark brown color, i forgot to take a picture that time, then waited for about 30 mins and rinse the color. Next procedure was the bleaching of my hair. He portioned my hair into 4 parts, gather some hair then lather the bleach/ correction formula to the ends of my hair , he also put a light amount to the top. Waited for about 20 mins then rinse off again. The last step was the ash blonde color, then they treated my hair with a keratin I think. So here is my hair now. 

Sally's House of beauty hair finish 
My ombre hair!
The color is just lovely and Chris describe it as minimal but elegant. Well I love it definitely. Here's my mom's hair after the treatment
Sally's House of beauty mom's hair

My overall feedback about this salon is here:

They have a nice interior , a white motif plus a floral accent is a plus. Mirrors are all big, comfortable chairs. Also i was able to charge my phone so thank you so much. The rinsing chair (well I don't know what is it called but that chair) is good.

the process

hair dresser and me

 My neck is now stiff like in David's Salon that I need to adjust my head every time they will rinse my hair. Another thing they have a free coffee. Also they shared to us that if you come about 10:00 am - 11:00 am customers will have a free lunch while doing the treatments or the salon stuffs. It is because the salon is too far from the food stalls so they offer a free lunch to their customers. Attendants and Hair dresser have a pleasing personalities. 
Sally's House of beauty staffs

Sally's House of Beauty Salon is owned by two sisters, Rica and her older sister. It is a good investment for them! Two thumbs up for the both of you!

What I don't like about the salon? Well it is located at the second floor and the stair is too narrow I think. My mom says while going up that she is having a hard time someday whenever she will visit the shop. The salon is too hard to find for the first timers. 

Would I visit the salon in the future? Yes I will visit and Recommend this salon to all of you. 

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  Come and Visit Sally's House of Beauty this Rainy Season because they have their on going PROMOS!


  1. The place looks really cozy and comfortable. They also did a great job on your hair.

  2. Looks like they're doing a really great Job on the hair. I would totally recommend anyone for their services

  3. I've been to this place before! I love their service and my aunt keeps on coming back to them.

  4. The salon looks very invited and they did a really good job with your hair.

  5. I actually wanted to have my hair colored before my big day arrives. I always DIY my hair and the color always ends up unbalance.


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