My Top Wedding Ceremony Choices

Dashing Mom Top Wedding Ceremonies
If you will ask me what is special this month my answer will be its Valentine's Day! This coming February 14 will be not just an ordinary day in park either on malls. It is a special day with everyone out there. You might see a lot of girls carrying those big bouquets of flowers well it is definitely a normal thing. This is also the season where boys express their love to the girl that they love.

Here are my top 7 wedding ceremonies that I choose to share with you to make that kilig factor increase. Let's all watch to feel this season of LOVE.

7. Everybody got hooked with the song Collide because of the wedding video of Kristine Hermosa and Oyo Sotto Wedding. A unique wedding beside the beach, a bride wearing chucks below her beautiful white wedding gown. Watch the video as you reminisce and fall in love again. (and also sing along with).

6. Who wouldn’t want a beach wedding? Here is another beach wedding of the famous fashionista Kim Jones and Jericho Rosales. There wedding is intimate one, mostly closest friends and relative are there. Their wedding vows to each other are sweet and full of memories. What’s unique in their wedding is a sailboat is used as a design

5. Another beach wedding, I think this one looks very intimate and simple; the wedding gown is simple and not extravagant. What I love this wedding is that it is a modern wedding by the bay where everyone enjoys a cup of wine while having a good ocean breeze.

4. Who could tell a tragedy would make their relationship stronger Neri and lead vocalist of Parokya ni Edgar Chito Miranda tie a not. A Simple Garden wedding to cherish their love and swear to God that they will forever have each other through thick or thin. This wedding story gives me a note that whatever happened love will always find the way to make everything right. Unique with this wedding is that they prepare mini games to be enjoyed with their guest.

3. Iya and Drew wedding is like a best friends turned into lovers story. Their wedding truly envisions who they really are. Playful and truly inlove.

2. Girls love surprises isn’t amazing that boys surprises us? Zoren Legaspi nailed it. He proposes to Carmina and married her in one sweet night, together with their cute twins. All things are amazing.  

 1. My first choice made me cry. Watching their very unique wedding on the hospital. The groom was diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer and his last request  was to marry his true love. It was heartbreaking love story. The groom died less than 10 hours after their wedding. Seems to be he just wait to get married and died peacefully

And here is my favorite Prenuptial Video so far. A jolly and customize song to express their love.

Sharing with you guys a short movie from my wedding :D



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