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Melting Pot : Señor Polo

senor polo
Are you just around the Tomas Morato area? Looking for a new taste for a chicken meal? Well definitely Senor Polo is a great place for you.

It was owned by El Chupacabra, they were famous because of their uniquely taste blend of rotisserie chicken. It is located at Scout Rallos. The location is nice; it is within a new building. Upon entering the vicinity you will see their Yellow and Red Logo with a rooster (seems to be a catchy color combination great choice for them).

senor polo

A lot of blogs and reviews are recommending this restaurant, with good food + good service. They don’t have any door that separates the customers passing by and to those who are in line for orders.  You can smell all the spices that are going on from their kitchen (also doesn’t have a door). 
senor polo
People lining up to order
So we enter and line up to order. Here is a snap shot of the logo (a little bit cropped)
A snapshot of the line for the orders. Well upon are arrival there are lots of people who wants to dine in. Another point is that the restaurant is small but 2 floors dine- in tables are located at the second floor.

senor polo
Here is the snapshot of their menu.
There are lots choose from and they centered for an Italian experience for their customers. 

senor polo

We went upstairs to look for a seat well the place is air-conditioned and there are lots of people who are eating there. There is also a mini bar located at the right side upon entering the dining area.Serving time is a little long, but you will enjoy the place while waiting for the food. They served their food on a metal bowls and plates, (which is for me a unique characteristic of this restaurant).  The table is a little small to accommodate each of the bowls.

I tell you to try Señor Polo’s Signature Roast Chicken. It is not just your ordinary chicken, a moist, and tender and there are lots of flavors. They served their chicken with a spicy salsa and white sauce which gives more flavors to it..

senor polo

We also ordered some sides, Patatas Bravas was addicting. I recommend you to try it. Another side dish was the Latin Coleslaw which is for me balanced all the oily foods.

senor polo

My overall experience was Good, My one and only rant about this is you will get that latin soury smell once you’ve done eating, because they don’t have enough airway for the smoke that is coming from the roster. 

senor polo


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